The Ithemba Foundation


What we do

The Ithemba Foundation is a non-profit entity (registration number: 2012/171250/08; PBO number: 930/048/019) with the public benefit goals of:

  • raising awareness of depression as a biological illness, and
  • raising funds for research on depression.

Depression is the illness of despair. Therefore, if we want to defeat it, we must constantly focus on hope (Ithemba means hope in isiXhosa). Every individual can enable and foster hope by talking openly about depression to break the silence and the stigma around this biological illness. Our main awareness project is the annual Hope Hike / Hope Bike event in October. You can also become part of our campaign by wearing the “Sky-blue for Hope” awareness ribbons.

Why Ithemba was founded

The founding directors of Ithemba are parents who have lost their children to this “terrible disease”, as author Virginia Woolf described depression. They are Ithemba founder Lizette Rabe and her husband Anton Hörstmann, Petro and Jan Bosman, and Marita Swartz. Our work at Ithemba is in the name of our beloved children:

Fritz Hörstmann
Embeth Bosman
Hannes Swartz
and all who have lost their lives to suicide.


ITHEMBA FOUNDATION - NPC 2012/171250/08 - PBO 930/048/019