The Ithemba Foundation


Hope Hike and Hope Bike

October is a very special month because it actually is … HOPEtober! This month is South Africa’s Mental Health Awareness Month as well as the World Health Organisation’s Mental Health Awareness Day on 10 October. That is why we at Ithemba – ithemba means HOPE – start the month of HOPEtober with our annual Hope Hike and Hope Bike. It is to raise awareness around depression and related mental health illnesses, such as all the anxiety disorders, as clinical, biological illnesses – in other words, that they can be treated.

We also raise funds for research into mental health. And each of us can make a difference – so do your bit to humanise and normalise mental health and destigmatise mental ill-health and join us on our Hope Hike and Hope Bike! Go to to enter for either the 3, 5 or 10 km walk or run, or the 25 km MTB event and help us raise awareness of the importance of mental health.


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