The goal of the Hope Hike is to raise awareness of depression. It is called the Hope Hike because, if depression is the illness of despair, we need to constantly build HOPE, and not only raise awareness, but contribute to public education around psychiatric diseases, also in order to destigmatise and humanise these diseases. 

The first informal Hope Hike was organised in 2011, close to 10 September, to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide, in the majority of cases, should not be seen in isolation, but as a fatal, final symptom of a severe biological illness, one of humankind’s worst diseases – yet still the least understood of diseases, both by the medical-psychiatric and socio-psychological sciences. Statistics show that more than 90% of suicides are the result of depression, a biological illness.

To coincide with the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Awareness Month, the first official Hope Hike was organised on 14 October in 2012, closest to 10 October, World Mental Health Awareness Day. The next year, the Hope Hike was held at the D’Aria Estate in Durbanville, Cape Town, on 13 October 2013. In 2014, the first Gauteng Hope Hike was held on 5 October, while the Cape Hike was on 12 October. The 2015 Hope Hike was on 11 October, again at the D'Aria Estate in the Cape, and on 25 October at Van Gaalen's in the North. In 2016 a Hope Bike was also introduced, and the Cape Hope Hike/Bike was held on 2 October at Blaauwklippen Wine Estate, and the Northern Hike/Bike on 9 October at Van Gaalen’s, Skeerpoort.

Get walking, start talking, and break the silence and the stigma around mental health!

Here are some images of the 2016 event:

Hope Hike 2016

Go to these links for pictures of the 2015 Cape and Northern Hope Hikes respectively:s
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